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Bestquality-items believe that all customer's should be treated with value and respect. We will bring you that style that will make you the baddest around. As Goodwin brother's growing up in a house with no father figure and a single mother that tried her best to provide us with food on the table and clothes on our backs. Moving from neighborhood to neighborhood because of the violence until year 97 when our great aunt blessed us with her old house, where we spent our child hood growing up and where our mother still resides. We always wanted to give back to our community and help kids that are not fortunate, so every year we donate 50% to harvest hope.


Check out BQ styles and let us help you slay for the club or date night. We have great quality leggings for the gym or lounging around the house and dress suits for  the guy's to dress in style for prom, wedding, or just a night out with friends.


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